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Welcome To Curious Curandera!

My Mission

I feel that there is something here for everyone. In fact, this site is designed to provide spiritual guidance and tools for anyone on a spiritual quest or simply to help those that have need of my assistance. Please take some time to browse the different pages.

Library Page

Here you will find lots of free and paid articles and ebooks on various subjects such as Working with ancestors, spirit guides, prayers, blessings, tarot, spiritual baths, spiritual cleansings (limpias), Saints, psychic development, and a lot more.

Online Courses Page

Here you will find lots of interesting online courses designed to teach you the skills for spiritual work such as Spiritual Cleansing Course (cleansings for every need), Mastering The Art (spells, witchcraft, candle magic, and more), Saint Magic/Folk Magic (spells with Saints), Crystal Energy (working with the power of crystals), Reading The Spanish Cards (divination with this deck), Thoth Tarot (how to read the tarot deck) and others.

Services Page

Here you will find the services that I offer to the public. Spellwork, trabajos, rituals, card reading, energy clearing, spiritual consultations, spiritual cleansing of the home, business, and for real estate, and candle burning.

Products Page

Items on my website are all hand made by me, Concha. Besides being a Curandera Iím also an artist and a master of all power enjoy working with all types of material and artistic mediums. I try to combine my love for art with the power of spiritual knowledge and nature but itís always the spirits who inspire and guide me. The items I make are works of love; the power they contain are works of spirit.

Whether youíre seeking help with love, money, business success, solving relationship problems, selling a home or property, spiritual healing, or simply want to learn the spiritual skills to help yourself and to help others you will find it here at Curious Curandera.

Many Blessings,

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