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Email Courses  >  Beginning Homeopathy Course
Beginning Homeopathy Course

Beginning Homeopathy Course

Price: $199.00

Learn the art of Homeopathy... a complete medical system that actually CURES illness!

Course is FULL
Max: 10 Students per Class
0 Seats Available!

Cost: $199.00 (***SALE*** SAVE $50)

Begins: AUGUST 24, 2019
Course Duration: 6 Weeks

CAUTION: This course delves into the acute use of homeopathy. That is, use of homeopathy for short term illness like flu, colds, sprains, simple headaches, etc. While it gives the basics, it is by no means an easy subject to comprehend. You will be required to spend several hours in researching homeopathic symptoms and applying them to cases in the last couple of weeks in the course. These cases will require considerable concentration and perserverance. And, homework in each weekly section is a must! You will only get out of the course, the amount you put in...

Also... Please purchase the repertory mentioned at the bottom of this page and consider a basic 100 remedy kit from Washington Homeopathy ( We are not affiliated with Washington Homeopathy or any place your may purchase the B-B Repertory.

If you are to apply the knowledge you gain from this course, having the B-B Repertory and a 100 remedy kit is the minimum investment you will need to succeed. It is well worth it!


Our beginners course covers more than just the basics of homeopathy. It is a foundation course on most every topic that is needed to fully explore the techniques and applications of homeopathy. Comparatively, it is far beyond any standard beginner level course available today at ANY price and is based upon the original teachings of Hahnemann! This course provides the opportunity to learn the basics as Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) related it in his original writings.

The course is a no-nonsense approach to homeopathy with concise and relevant information. It takes the student through the bulk of what homepathy is all about and how to use it properly. It provides the opportunity to receive virtual one-on-one training from an experienced practitioner.

The Course Text includes a full table of contents, useful forms, dictionary, index, remedy abbreviations, recommended book list, source guide for remedies, and much more.

The Study Guide includes real world examples and cases that the student is encouraged to work through. It fully explains hints and techniques that are not covered in the course text to further expand on the proper homeopathic techniques. It includes advanced concepts of acute cases, a summary of acute case taking, summary of important points to acute homeopathy, table of contents and index.

A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet is included to make it easier to find remedies for your acute cases. You must already own Microsoft Excel to use this spreadsheet. A revised version for Open Office (Calc) will be available soon.

An Acute Check List is included that targets the most common topics needed to assist in questioning the patient.

An Acute Quick List is included to find the most common remedies for acute illness. It is used to corroborate the choice of remedy that the student has already determined using the proper techniques as defined by Hahnemann.


The following is a COURSE OUTLINE for this Beginner Level Homeopathy Course:

Table of Contents
Purpose of this course
Reason for this course
Course design

Week 1
SECTION I. History and Workings of Homeopathic Medicine
Hahnemann and the Organon
What is Homeopathy?
Like Cures Like
Selected Laws of Homeopathy
Vital Force
The Nature of Health and Disease
Suppression and Vaccination
Potentized Remedies and Materia Medica/Repertory
How homeopathy works
What remedies are made from
How remedies are made
Dilution and Succussion
Energetic disease/Energetic remedy

Section One Questions/Answers

Week 2
SECTION 2. Taking the Case
Steps to the case
Know the Repertory
Cultivate your bed side manner
Sizing up the patient
Summary on Case Taking
Boger-Boenninghausen Method
LSMC (Location, Sensation, Modality, Concomitants)
Organizing the Symptoms
Remedy Scoring
Eliminating Symptoms
The Materia Medica
Summary on Repertorizing
Section Two Questions/Answers

Week 3
SECTION 3. Cycle to the Cure
The Curing Picture
Beginning the Cycle
Taking the Remedy
Strengthening the Vital Force
The Picture of Healing
Allowing the cycle to finish
THE SYMPTOMS determine the cycle
Healing may take more than one cycle
The Healing Crisis
It's all about balance
The Prescription
Change your Perspective
Dry dose and water-based dose
Remedy by mouth
Time of day
Repetition of the Remedy
Section Three Questions/Answers

Week 4
SECTION 4. Responses to the Remedy
No Response… When the remedy doesn't work
Wrong Simillimum… far Simile… And Proving the Remedy
Obstructing the remedy and Sleep
Section Four Questions/Answers

Week 5,6
SECTION 5. Application to Acute Cases
Supplies needed
Guidelines of Acute Illness
When to use Allopathy
When to use Acute Homeopathy
How to use Acute Homeopathy
Section Five Questions/Answers
Case 1 (Tonsillitis)
Case 2 (Sinus, Cold)
Case 3 (Stomach Ailment)
Case 4 (Influenza- FLU)


Instructions for taking the remedy

Recommended Reading

Required reading

Additional reading

Suggested reading

Books can be purchased at...

Remedies from Pharmacies Online

Other Useful Websites

List of Polychrests

Acute Quick List


Remedy Abbreviations

Repertorizing Forms


***We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the purchase of Boger-Boenninghausen Repertory to accompany this course.
It can be found HERE .

Email Courses  >  Beginning Homeopathy Course

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