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Email Courses  >  Working With Angels Course
<span style='font-size: 24px;'> <strong>Working With Angels Course</strong> </span>

Working With Angels Course

Price: $129.00

Learn how to have a close working relationship with the angels.

Course is OPEN
Max: 10 Students per Class
Only 1 Seats Left!

Cost: $129.00

Begins: MARCH 28, 2020
Course Duration: 6 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

Week 1
What Are Angels?
Hierarchy of Angels
Is It Okay To Pray To Angels?
What Do Angels Look Like?
How Angels Communicate With Us

Week 2
Grounding, Centering and Protecting
Connecting With Your Guardian Angel
What To Do If You're Not Making a Connection
Angel Prayers
Angel Altars

Week 3
Archangels Symbols and Colors
Channeling the Archangels
Other Archangel Exercises
Angels and Numbers

Week 4
Angels of Abundance and Prosperity
Meditation with the Angels of Abundance
Calling the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance
Angelic Communicating Tips
Calling Angels for Special Occasions
Angel Therapy for Personal Needs

Week 5
Angels, Crystals and Stones
Angel Art Therapy
Reading Angel Cards
Choosing Your Deck
Personalizing the Cards
Caring For Your Cards
Preparing For a Reading
Shuffling Methods

Week 6
Continuing Lessons on Angel Card Reading
Throwing the Cards
The Card of the Day
The Spreads
The Three Card Spread
The Six Card Spread
Asking Specific Questions
Interpreting the Cards
Angelic Scents
Using an Oil Burner
Essential Oils
Storage and Purchasing Essential Oils

Email Courses  >  Working With Angels Course

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