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Thanks to all of you for all your kind support, Concha

I'm planning on taking that course as well. This is a great wealth of information and well worth the time and a bargin. Will you be opening that course after this one again? Gracias!"

E. V

"Thank you Doña. Your course is very thourough and interesting."
L. F.

"Curandera Dona Concha, what a blessing it has been for me to study your courses Saint Magic and Spirtual Cleansing. Every Monday I was so excited to see the information for each class. Both courses were extremely informative and fun and makes me all that more anxious to take all of your other courses. I learned much and also you took me down memory lane for all the "Trabajos" my precious grandmother Curandera Dona Felicitas did during her lifetime. You are a wonderful gift."
D. C.

"Hi Dona Concha, I really enjoyed your material. It is so nice to finally run into someone who has experienced evil forces. " What a relief"!
Blessing to you and yours"

C. H

"Oh I have loved your course and feel it was destiny to meet you and partake. There are no words to convey my appreciatation. Thank you! And may the Lord/Creator keep you and yours... Blessing I will keep in touch."
M. S



I can't stop reading and referring to your course in my day-to-day dealings. I've always prayed and honored our Catholic Saints, but I did not know most of their real life histories nor their patronage towards certain areas of life. I have a good relationship with our Catholic priest and I have been impressing him with my knowledge. We had a great conversation concerning Stigmata the other day. I haven't told him about studying Cuarandismo but there is a good time for everything isn't there? I'm finding this very intriguing and knowledgeable. Most of all, the course is easy to read, follow and your response to my questions are fast and concise. Thank you for producing a great course. This is a great wealth of information and well worth the time and a bargain. I can't wait to start the next. May God Bless You and Yours Always "

"I am enjoying this information so much! Far more detailed stories on much of what we are studying than I expected. My grandmother was a curandera as well, and all of the prayer work in Spanish sure made me miss her--I can close my eyes and see her doing her herb and prayer work and of course always with her candles. Thank you Concha for all the great material!"


This is great. I have you to thank for really introducing me to San Cipriano. The amulete that you gave me helped to protect me against the witchcraft directed towards me. Gracias."

"Thanks a lot for expressing things so clearly. It's nice to read from such open minds as yours."
D. M

"Thank you for creating such beauty in the world."
S. F

"LOVE THESE CLASSES!!! I used to hate Mondays now I look forward to them......lololol"
R. C

"Hi Conche
OMG! Whatever you did to bring my boyfriend back worked he popped the question just like you said!!! Thx sooo much"

B. N. xxoo

"Ever since the cleansing my mother is much netter. You really have a gift.
Thank you."

G. R.

"How are you? Thank you for the class. I love it."
C. C

"Oh my~I love your work. I'm always interested in learning more about this way of life....having been on the journey myself. perhaps not quite the same as yours, but a spiritual journey nonetheless"
K. J

"Hello, Just wanted to say, "Thank you",
I'm living in London for 4 years and have studied healing: Reiki,extractions,shamanism. My ancestral backround is in Mexican and American Indian. I've known I needed to learn some of the old ways and the metaphysical world has their own theory which does not resonate as correct. My Ancestors speak of another world quite different when moving in healing. So your course is truely a blessing. May the Lord guide you and keep you."

M. C. S.

"Hello Concha, It was really great speaking with you and for the first time since I have started seeking help I felt positive and confident in your ability."
M. M.

Thank you for all your great help. The prayers and the articles you send me worked so well. The prayer that you gave me Las Doce Verdades is working."

E. V

"Thank you very much Doña,
I found your course very interesting. I have learned a lot more than I expected and have been pleasantly surprised as to how many methods and items of cleansings there are. Many of them I did not even think of. Your course is very thorough and easy to understand. I have been touched by this course, it has opened my eyes on many facts and subjects.
I also enjoyed the interactive participation and the comments of the other students.
I am very glad I took this course from you."


"Dearest Concha
The talisman that you sent for protection has worked better than I could have ever imagined. You have saved my family. If there is anything I can ever do for you please ask."

V. V.

"Hello Curandera,
I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful Energy & teachings you have given me. I wish you & send you lots of Love, Harmony and Peace. I hope to hear from you in the near future."

"Conchita I have been involved in spiritual work for 40 years and have learned much from your course. There is so much useful information and I recommend your courses to everyone. Don't ever stop spreading the word."
Brightness Blessings, A F

"The Homeopathy Course was great! I can't believe I had never really understood how it was done. Thank you for carrying the course and thanks to likecure also. Well done." M G

"Concha, thank you for the reading. Your voice/tone is very charismatic and calming. want to follow up with my friends birthday... " L C

"Thank U! Ur right on the dot (like always). " C E

"I really had a hard time sleeping before I started the Santa Muerte course; thanks to her, and your teachings; just having her altar in my room, I have been able to sleep a peaceful sleep at night again." T C !!

"I have now taken every class you offer and I don't know which was thw best! I would take them all again-- that is how much I loved them!!! Thank you, Concha" R C !!

"Thank you, I do intend to visit you again; love your teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!" C D

"Hello Concha, Thanks for letting me know. You are the most honest reader I have come across and I look forward to your return. Thanks again" E G

"It was so nice to be taught by you; it has been more that a pleasure to be in your class. Your student forever " C D T

"Hi Concha, It was nice to have a limpia from you last week. I just have to tell you that it has made a world of difference to me. I cannot explain how good I have been feeling and the pain is almost all gone. You are truly a miracle worker… I know you don't like to say that, but it is true. You are one of the honest ones. Thank you so much" A C

"Dear Concha, I had to write and tell you how accurate your reading was for me. Many people have been reading for me over the years and were not close to you at all. God Bless and Keep You Safe " J R

"Good Afternoon Concha!
It was such a pleasure finally being able to meet with you and discuss my situation with you.
Lots of items were cleared up. Thank you for everything. I feel so much at ease speaking to you... Thank you so much for all your help!! You are such a blessing right now go me. You have given me more faith than ever. "

"Thank you Concha! Your guidance and advice are a blessing. " B R

"Concha, Thank you so much for all your help. I truly am blessed to have your friendship. Thank you, D G " D G

"Your "work" has been a godsend. Everything is working out like you said. How can I ever repay you for the help and reassurance you have given to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart " P C

"Your Mastering the Art class is GREAT! I learned so much from it and now I will be taking every class you have. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you!" Z A

Thank you once again!!! God is using you as his messenger and I am so glad he chose someone like you to pass along your wealth of knowledge!!! Many blessings!! Thank you!!"

"Your Saint Magic course was GREAT! I also bought the Saint and Folk Saint Book. You must spend your life learning about the Saints as you have information I have never seen before. Thanks!" E V

I have taken almost every class you have. You are the best teacher and the information is amazing. Please offer some advanced classes- and I will take them too. You are the Maestra Concha! C Y

On a purchase of Rosary and Pendulum...

Any how....speechless. the rosary is gorgeous. The detail phenomenal. The chevron amethyst of the pendulum just radiant! J L

I could not believe the quality of your Rosaries!!! Simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be buying another for my Mother soon. Thank you!! E R

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