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Email Courses  >  Spiritual Cleansing Course
<span style='font-size: 22px;'><strong> Spiritual Cleansing Course</strong> </span>

Spiritual Cleansing Course

Price: $129.00

Powerful spiritual cleansings for every need! Spirit Removal, Space Clearing, Exorcisms, and much more!

Course is FULL
Max: 10 Students per Class
Only 0 Seats Left!

Cost: $129.00

Begins: MARCH 28, 2020

Course Duration: 6 Weeks
Certificate: Yes

Week 1
An Introduction to Spiritual Cleansing
How Words and Thought Patterns Affect Our Well Being
Entities and Other Spirits
Your Spiritual Tool Chest and How to "Fix" Your Tools for Proper Use
Prayer for Making Holy Water and How to Do It
Prayer for Making Blessed Salt and How to Do It
Prayer for Making Blessed Oil and How to Do It
Prayer for Blessing Saint Images and How to Do It
Cleansing Spiritual Tools and Other Objects
About Charcoal Disks
Making a Smudge Stick
Spiritually Cleansing Fabrics

Week 2
Herbs for Different Goals
Toxic Herbs
How to Interview a Person
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Prayers for Protection

Week 3
Disposing Of Used Items
Cleansing and Blessing the Sick
Tools That You Should Have For Spiritual Healing Of the Sick
Prayers for Healing the Sick
Saints for Special Illnesses
Cleansing Yourself and Others
Basic Egg Limpia (Maintenance Cleansing)
More Involved Limpia (Deep Cleansing)
Prayers Used For Limpias
Signs of Human Spiritual Imbalance
Types of Energy Imbalance in the Home
Cleansing the Home Of Energy Imbalance

Week 4
Cleansing a Home Of Spirit Activity (Non-Demonic)
Prayer for the Removal of Troublesome Spirits
Exorcism of Demonic Entities
Prayers to Remove Demonic Entities
Spiritual Spring Cleaning (Floor Washing)
Spiritual Mixtures for Special Needs
Property Clearing (outdoor)
Clearing Ceremony
Generational Curses: Healing the Family Line
Prayer to Forgive and Release Those Who Died In Sin

Week 5
Cleansing With Different Tools
Reading the Egg
Blood Spots
Actual Photos Showing Sings Of Witchcraft
Limpia to Break a Spell
Signs of Witchcraft, Curses, Hexes

Week 6
Cleansing Vehicles - Holy Car Wash
Blessing of a Vehicle
Business Cleansing: Attracting Cash Flow
Spiritual Bathing
Bath Recipes

My courses reflect my Catholic faith and the traditional ways of my Curanderismo Roots. But the material can be applied to all paths and religions.

No Refunds will be made after the course has started

Email Courses  >  Spiritual Cleansing Course

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