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Santa Muerte History

Santa Muerte History

La Flaca (The Skinny One), Nina Santa (Holy Girl), La Calaca (The Skeleton) are just some of the names given to the skeleton saint La Santisima Muerte (The Most Holy Death).

Although she is not recognized by the Catholic Church, her followers consider her a saint. Some believe that she is the Virgin Mary (specifically Our Lady of Guadalupe) representing the way she would look in death. Others believe her to be a representation of the Aztec ruler of death.

It's believed that Santa Muerte is rooted as far back as to the Aztecs, particularly to the goddess Mictlancihuatl (the Aztec goddess of death) and the wife of Mictlantecuhtli (the Aztec god of death) who together ruled over the underworld and the world of the dead.

Interestingly, the spider, the owl and the bat are associated with Mictlantecuhtli (the Aztec god of death) as they are with Santa Muerte. Because she is known as the Lady of the Dead, and for other similarities, she and Santa Muerte are considered one in the same.

Whether Santa Muerte began as the symbol of the Aztec goddess of death or the representation of Our Lady of Guadalupe will never be resolved. Today, she represents a strong influence for many followers of the Catholic Church and beyond. She can be used with or without other spirits and Saints by anyone willing to follow her. Santa Muerte accepts everyone alike. There are no rules.

Working with Santa Muerte

The beauty of working with Santa Muerte is that she is a complete and total magical system in herself. This means that she can be called upon for every single need a person may have. Unlike the Saints and other deities who can only be called upon for issues that are within their particular workings or patronage, Santa Muerte has no limits or restrictions.

Santa Muerte does not separate good and evil. There is no distinction between the two in her eyes. Petitions are just petitions, cries for help in time of need. She will respond to requests of any nature and will never cast judgment upon a person for what they ask or who they are. Santa Muerte will grant many requests that are otherwise shunned by Saints.

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Santa Muerte Colors

Santa Muerte Colors

There are three basic or traditional colors used when working with the Santa Muerte: red, white, and black. In the following, everything that is not mentioned falls in the white representation.

White represents…
The removal of negative energy, cleansing, purification, removing obstacles, balancing the emotions, mental clarity, healing grudges, overcoming arguments, solving hurt feelings, envy, jealousy, anguish, disputes, healing, motivation, courage, overcome fears, peace, happiness, good luck, spiritual blessings, counseling and guidance, the white is an "all purpose" color and like the black image it can represent protection.

Red represents…
Love, passion, heat, lust, sexuality, fidelity, excitement, commitment, marriage, relationships, calm for a rocky relationship, overcome relationship problems, and anything to do with feelings of the heart. It also represents blood.

Black represents…
All forms of protection, overcoming problems and worries, obstacles, blockages, ridding someone from your life or vicinity, combat negativity, healing spiritual illness, reverse and return spellwork, spiritual or psychic attacks, enemy spellwork, revenge, and both cursing and unhexing

Other Colors of Santa Muerte

Bone represents…
Spirit contact, necromancy, ancestors, peace, success, harmony, and is an "all purpose" color much white.

Green represents…
Justice, fairness, legal matters, court hearings, legal disputes, law enforcement, winning the favor of a jury or judge, good luck, money, asking someone for a favor, increase business sales, improving financial situations, selling a home or a piece of property, gambling luck, pay raises, and job promotions

Gold represents…
Money, prosperity, success, spiritual blessings, asking for special favors, reaching goals and deadlines, abundance, riches, material gain, overcoming bad habits, self improvement, motivation, courage, strengthen a particular talent, gain new insight of a matter, overcoming fear, gaining new and fresh ideas, landing a new job or blessing the opening of a new business,

Purple represents…
Mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, psychic abilities, divination,

Blue represents…
Wisdom, education, study, learning, luck in taking exams, retaining information learned, strengthening the memory, overcome fear of public speaking, help a person get their point across to another, understanding, and knowledge.

Rainbow (also known as The Seven Powers) represents…
The gold is used for abundance, wealth, and family matters
The purple is used for change for the better, health, and letting go
The silver is used for good luck, stability, and blessings
The red is used for passion, love, romance
The copper is used for removing negative energies, cleansing, and protection
The blue is used for spirituality, study, and prosperity
The green is used for money, justice, and success

Santa Muerte Symbols

Santa Muerte Symbols

Some images of the Santa Muerte may be found with different symbols, holding different items in her hands or including different objects at her feet. Images of Santa Muerte usually have her carrying the symbols of a scythe and a world globe. The following are the most common symbols.

The Scythe…
The scythe or sickle has several meanings. First it is symbolic of endings. It can mean the ending of a time period, a routine, a dispute, an adventure, a relationship, etc... Endings come in many forms. Santa Muerte uses her scythe to cut away a persons link to something. It is also symbolic of death since it is believed by her followers that when a person's time is up she is the one who comes to escort the soul into the next existence. The scythe is also a symbol of harvest, prosperity, and hope. It can be said that the scythe she holds is a symbol of harvesting our dreams and desires. A sign of a persons request made to her will flourish, grow, and manifest. It cuts away obstacles that hold a person from making progress and clears a path for guidance. In addition, the scythe can symbolize power and strength. It can symbolize the power and strength that Santa Muerte herself carries over all humans and over her realm of the dead. It can also indicate power and strength in a person's spellwork with Santa Muerte, or power and strength over enemies.

The World Globe…
The world globe represents Santa Muerte's power over the entire world. She is not held back or limited to whom she can rule. She will eventually claim everyone living on earth. Santa Muerte is not limited to location or held back by time or space. She can claim judgment at any given moment. There are no boundaries. It's believed that after God, death (Santa Muerte) is the most powerful figure in the world, since without death there is no life, there is no existence. The globe is an indication that Santa Muerte rules over all race, religion, culture, and belief.....she's just known by other names....but most, if not all, religions have a ruler over death. Here, we call her Santa Muerte.

The Owl…
The owl is symbolic of darkness, nighttime, and keen vision. Santa Muerte's owl companion indicates powerful guidance for those who ask.

The Hourglass…
The hourglass symbolizes the hands of time. Each grain of sand is a moment of time itself. Each grain that her hourglass contains is indication of a person's lifespan. When the hourglass is empty, life on earth is over. At the same time death is a continuation of life. This continuation can be in another realm or again here on earth. The hourglass also symbolizes patience. Ask and wait.

The Lamp…
The lamp represents a reflection of her...her presence, her help, her existence, her guidance. With her lamp she lights the path of those who follow her and those who work with her. It lights up a person's direction and/or mental capacity, giving the person a more expanded train of thought. New ideas, new insights, and deeper levels of clarity.

The Cloak or Robe…
Most commonly Santa Muerte wears a long hooded cloak which extends to her feet, much like the one the Virgin of Guadalupe wears. It drapes over her boney frame covering almost all of her with the exception of her face, hands, feet, and sometimes the lower half of her legs. Her cloak is symbolic of the protection she extends to her devotees. She opens her cloak wide and covers the person with it to keep them safe from whatever it is they need protection from.

<span style='font-size: 24px;'><strong>My Santa Muerte Rosaries and Pendulums</strong> </span>

My Santa Muerte Rosaries and Pendulums

Over the past couple of years, I have had dreams where Santa Muerte and I are creating beautiful rosaries made of silver, gold, gemstones, and bone. Each time I have this dream it is of a different gemstone. I believe these dreams to be instructions and a message to create them and through these dreams is born the Curious Curandera line of skull rosaries and pendulums used to honor both the dead and La Santisima Muerte. I hope you enjoy them.

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