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Our Rosaries, Pendulums and Other Jewelry

Our Rosaries, Pendulums and Other Jewelry

Each rosary, pendulum or other jewelry item is one of a kind. We have chosen the best gemstones we could find to make the most unique and beautiful religious items anywhere.

These items and their gemstone components have been chosen and assembled by Concha Ruiz. It has taken more than a year to design and create these jewelry and religious items and she will continue to create new and different items as long as you support her effort.

Once each Rosary or Pendulum is designed and completed, it is thoroughly inspected for any defects (several times), spiritually cleaned, and blessed. Your item will arrive ready for you to use and impart your energy to it.

All of these Rosaries, Pendulums and other religious items are photographed to depict the item as honestly and accurately as possible. The color of some items does not always photograph well and there may be some difference in colors when viewing the item in person verses by photo. Please understand they look much better in person than in a photograph.

Please make a note to check the length and weight of each Rosary you are interested in. Many of the Rosaries that Concha makes are NOT small and as mentioned before, most can be worn as a necklace.

About Gemstones… Use and Care

About Gemstones… Use and Care

The vast majority of components of these items are natural gemstones (99%), but some components and gemstones are man-made (as in Goldstone- Gold Goldstone/Sandstone or Blue Goldstone/Sandstone). We have endeavored to find the most interesting designs/patterns of these natural and man-made stones and hope that you agree.

The Pendulums and Rosaries created by Concha Ruiz are meant to be used. Some of the Rosaries are designed large enough to be worn around the neck (as a necklace). Please be aware that the nature of gemstones is that sometimes the stone can be somewhat fragile and care should be taken while using and storing the item. Please take the time to know the gemstones that your item is made from and its properties. There is a small description of the gemstones used in each jewelry item… Please make note of the description, use and care when you purchase the item.

How the Rosaries/Pendulums come to you…

How the Rosaries/Pendulums come to you…

Rosaries come in a small gift box which also contains a drawstring velvet pouch for storing the item. They are ready to give as a gift if you wish.

Pendulums come with a small drawstring velvet pouch for storing the item.

Both Rosaries and Pendulums come with a booklet describing how they are used.

All items receive FREE SHIPPING with insurance and tracking in the Continental United States (CONUS) ONLY.

Outside of CONUS or International Orders MUST email us first for a shipping quote.

<span style='font-size: 24px;'><strong>Questions, Custom Jewelry and Returns</strong> </span>

Questions, Custom Jewelry and Returns

Feel free to ask questions about any of the items. We will attempt to answer any and all of your questions and concerns. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

We will be offering custom jewelry (rosaries and pendulums) if the number of requests is significant. Keep in mind that creating a custom piece will take between two weeks to two months depending on the availability of components.

And Finally...

This Religious Jewelry is HAND MADE IN AMERICA...Please support us!

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