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Who is Curious Curandera?

My name is Concha and I live in San Antonio, Texas where I was born. I come from a long line of curanderos, curanderas*, and other spiritual workers. This line goes back further than I can trace.

Since childhood I have had an inherent ability to communicate with the spirit world. My journey began around the age of four or five when I started having prophetic dreams. I knew what was going to happen before the actual event took place but at this age it was hard for me to understand this "gift".

The gift of dreaming quickly expanded into seeing and hearing spirits. As a child I remember seeing a skeleton hand crawling up my bedroom curtains, being so young I wanted to play with it but it vanished. I remember seeing people standing in the room with me and having a conversation with them. It was a common occasion to hear my name being called when no one was around. For many years I couldn't control what was happening but after years of practice I learned to turn them off at will.

Years later, before I reached my teenage years I performed my first limpia (spiritual cleansing) under the guidance of an elder. The experience was unforgettable and led me to devote all my time to learning as much as I could. From that time on I was taken under the wings of my elders and taught the use of herbs, spellwork, energies, and more.

I never thought of myself as a gifted child since I mostly felt out of place with children my own age. I thought it was the other children who were odd and my own experiences normal. After all, this way of life had been with me from the earliest time I could remember. While they were out playing and doing things children normally do, I was studying, learning, and continually involved with the spirit world. By this time I was set on the path of spiritual awareness that could not be denied. I knew this would be a big part of my life.

I am devoted to helping those who seek my assistance. Today, I have a large following not only from people in my hometown but others that fly in from out of state or country who need assistance in some area of their lives.

With considerable effort, I have made the attempt to bring this knowledge to others through the internet. My site is simple, but I hope it extends an opportunity for those that would not have this chance to see me in person or learn otherwise.

Thank you for your visit. I hope you find what you need.



*What is a Curandera? <--click here

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