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Frequently Asked Questions

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Email Classes

Q: How are the classes setup?
The classes are held in a Yahoo group. You will need to join the group that is appropriate for the class you have purchased. Each week for 4-6 weeks (depending on the class), the lessons are posted with questions for the student. The questions test your comprehension of the subject for that week. Any further questions the student may have over that weeks material or any material to that point can be asked. Concha will answer these questions on a weekly basis. Each student is encouraged to share any experiences they have about the subject and ask any questions that pertain to the subject.

The classes are not LIVE or dependent on you to be on the internet at a specific time. They are EMAIL based and you can read and do the exercises at your own time, at your own pace.

You will not be required to purchase any other items for the course unless you want to. Of course for some courses like the Spanish Cards, it helps to have a deck of cards.

Remember you are studying information that has been provided by a Curandera with over 40 years of experience. In Curanderismo, Concha knows the subject inside and out. She provides authentic and tested spellwork, cures, and other information that is not readily available anywhere. See the testimonials on her courses.

Limpia (spiritual cleansing)

Q: What is a limpia?
A limpia or spiritual cleansing, is used to cleanse the body, mind and soul of negativity. It is known to remove bad luck, blockages, confusions, bad karma, witchcraft, ends generational curses, imbalances, helps with addictions, phobias, and fears. It is powerful for removing spiritual illness, and helps with physical health problems as well but this is not a replacement for visiting your doctor. The limpia brings peace, rejuvenation, protection, clarity, and opportunity your way. It attracts prosperity and blessings, stimulates the third eye, balances the chakras, and much more.

A limpia can be performed with various objects depending on the curandero or the situation at hand. Many are performed with raw unbroken eggs, crucifixes, spiritual smoke, lemons, limes, branches from a particular type of tree, or fresh herb twigs that are used to sweep the body.

Q: How do I know if I need a limpia?
A limpia is beneficial as an everyday cleansing, you cannot have too many. We, just like every other living thing on Earth collect different energies on a daily basis. These energies are collected from people we come across to situations that we're faced with. Some of these energies are good while others have a negative outcome on us. And the affect can accumulate.
Here are just some of the ways of knowing that a limpia would be beneficial to you:

If you notice more bad luck than good or a long string of bad luck
If you have health issues, especially if the doctor can't find the cause
If you're experiencing relationship problems
If you feel restless, weak, unable to cope
If you are having severe nightmares or have a hard time sleeping
If you suddenly have fears and phobias
If you have a feeling someone is watching you or out to get you
If you're having unexplained problems in your relationship
If you have a constant unpleasant or nervous feeling but don't know why
If you feel there are blockages that keep you from moving forward
If you have reason to think someone has cursed you.

Q: How often should I have a limpia?
This depends on the person, the situation they face, and how long it has been there. Sometimes all it takes is one limpia, sometimes more. This also depends on what is found in the egg itself. Usually, if witchcraft is found then it would take several cleanings until the condition is removed completely. The good thing is that they are safe. You can have a limpia as often as you want until you feel things have changed for you.

Q: Who needs a limpia?
Everyone. Even our pets can benefit from a limpia.

Q: Is it safe for children to have a limpia and how does it help them?
Yes, it is very safe for a child to have a limpia performed on them. After the limipa many people have seen changes in behavioral problems, sleeping thru the night and even resolving nightmares.

Q: Why are eggs used?
The raw state of the egg has a natural ability to absorb negativity. Not many know of its power. With the combination of the eggs natural power and the use of special prayers makes the limpia very effective. Of course, the energy of the "cleaner" is important also.

Q: How long does it take to do a limpia?
It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the situation.

Spells, Rituals & Candle Questions

Q: Do Spells Really Work?
Yes. With this being said many people have the wrong interpretation of what a spell is and what it will do for them. Spells do not work instantly nor do they always work the way we might want them to work. This is only in the movies. To give you an example, if you cast a spell for an increase of money, the spell may actually prevent a loss of money that you weren't expecting.

Q: Which Spell should I order?
If you are unsure which service would work best for your situation, you can email me and I'll point you in the right direction.

Q: Will you tell me when my spell is cast?
I will contact you via email to let you know when the spell has begun and when the spell is complete.

Q: Will you cast a death spell or a spell to harm someone?
No, under no circumstances will I do any harm.

Q: If the spell involves another person, how much do you need to know about them?
Obviously, the more you can tell me about the other person, the better.

Q: Can I ask you to reverse a spell I have cast?
No, so beware of what you ask for.

Q: What happens to the materials and pictures used for my spell after the work is done?
Items that can be consumed by fire are burned. Items that do not burn are disposed in the appropriate way depending on what the item is.

Q:Are there any cases you will refuse?
Yes. I will not hurt anyone. I will make any refusal obvious at the first opportunity.

Q: Are spells stronger if you have something personal belonging to the person the spell is for?
Yes, the more personal items the better. These can be in the form of photographs, hair, something written in their handwriting, finger nail clippings, etc

Card Reading

Q: What can I expect in a card reading?
When you have an appointment for a card reading, I will call you at the appointed time. You have purchased an allottment of time for the reading. First, you will be asked some questions concerning what you are wanting or expecting. There is time here to ask questions of the reading itself. I will then lay out the cards for your reading. You will be asked to concentrate on your question(s). I will then tell you what the cards have said. Although there are times that the cards will show misfortune or bad luck, I will tell you the truth on this. The cards require that I convey their true meanings and I will always comply. If you have follow up questions to the reading, we will then proceed with those questions up to your time limit. Please be considerate on the time limit as I have many readings every day and others have their own appointments following yours.

Q: Why can't I see the "More Information" link? I click it and nothing happens...
You are probably using a popup blocker. Turn this feature/program off temporarily.

Q: Why did you change the appointment time/date? Why did you cancel the appointment?
There are several reasons that the appointment may be changed. While I strive to be on time for all appointments (and I normally am on time), events beyond my control dictate otherwise. For instance...

I have family and friends, lives, homes, pets... and emergencies come up. I will make every attempt to rectify the consultation when called away for life's emergencies.

NOTE: If rescheduling an appointment does not meet your needs, I will gladly refund your payment for this service.

Q: Is the future set or can I change it?
We all have free will. When you are told what the future holds, this is the future if you make no changes. It is up to you to realize your own future and you do have a choice.

Q: Can I schedule a time other than Mon-Sat 12PM to 8PM?
It is possible, but you must email me ahead of time and it will be considered.

General Questions

Q: Who performs the limpias, spellwork and card readings?
Me, Concha

Q: How do I get one of the documents from this site?
You simply need to use the BUY NOW button. If the document is free, you will not be charged. Then you fill out Name/Address information and are given a link to download the document. Or, you can wait for an email which will have a link for download. Please save the document on your computer.

Q: How do I view the document that I downloaded and saved?
You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader... a free download from The downloaded file you have received is in Adobe Acrobat format or pdf.

Q: How do I setup an appointment for Card Reading, Spiritual Consultation or Cleansing?
When you purchase one of the consultation services, you are asked for date/time that is convenient for me to call or come by. This is just a tentative schedule and must be verified by email or telephone. Once the appointment is set, I will call you at no additional charge. You will be given my private telephone number when/if an appointment is set. I understand that there might be delays in calling and will wait for 1/2 hour from the time of the appointment for your call. I would appreciate the same consideration if you wish me to call you instead.

Q: Why do I need to give my telephone number for consultations or cleansings?
I need some way to contact you. Sometimes things are brought to mind afterwards. In these cases I will contact you to relay these things. Email address is used in most instances, but telephone contact is much easier sometimes. I NEVER give out your phone number to any third party and will only call when you have authorized it. If it is more convenient, you can call me instead.

Q: Where is the email that you said you would send? I have not received any email from Curious Curandera...
Make sure your spam filter is not blocking my email. Please send me an email (support -at- curiouscurandera -dot- com) and I will reply ASAP.

Q: I get a Security Warning Page during checkout... What is up?
Our website is completely secure. The security warning comes from the more stringent requirements of Internet Explorer. Please click on the following choice:

Continue to this website (not recommended).

In the next steps, you are directed to the PayPal site, which takes over any other security for your purchase.

Rest assured that your information is kept in strictest confidence and will not be sold or given to any third party.

Q: Why can't I see the "To Download" link? I click it and nothing happens...
You are probably using a popup blocker. Turn this feature/program off temporarily.

General Notes on Spellwork and Readings

Timely Response

We are contacted by people from all over the world to perform readings and spellwork. At times, we are overwhelmed with requests and simply cannot get to everyone. Please be patient when requesting work and emailing us.

SpellWork and Readings (the need for readings)

It is very common that before we will accept any spellwork, a reading must be done. It is hard to determine the correct spellwork needed until we have "read" that is actually happening within your case. Blindly performing spellwork in a case does the client no favor and we end up re-doing the work when the case is better known (from a reading).

Acceptance of work (spellwork, etc)

We reserve the right to refuse work for any reason.

Work is not accepted until we receive the client's request and we have estimated the cost of this work with a written and delivered email or by mail to the client.

Estimates are good for one week. If you have not accepted the estimated price within a week, we will assume you no longer wish to have the service performed.

We do not hold your estimate for more than one week and it must be reassessed after that time.

We do not perform work to hurt another person (do not ask us to).

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