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Services  >  Ritual Candle Burning
<span style='font-size: 20px;'><span style='color: #ff6600;'> <strong>Burn Your Candles On My Altars</strong> </span></span>

Burn Your Candles On My Altars

Price: $108.00

If you lack the confidence to burn your own candles, don't have the experience, don't have the needed privacy or are afraid to leave your candles burning while you're away... I will burn them for you. My altars have a high level of spiritual energy that is constantly maintained.

This service is not a spell or ritual that I do for you. It is simply me burning a candle on my altar and presenting your request to the spirit world. I have many altars which all have very high levels of energy that attract helpful spirits. You can burn more than one candle for an additional fee and once your candle is lit it will burn until it goes out.

Your candle will be placed on one of my spiritual altars suited to your needs, with your request under it to be sent out to helpful spirits.

For this service I will need to know the purpose of the candle. Be specific since I will need to know exactly what the candle will be burned for and what altar it should be placed on. If the candle will be lit for another person include their full name. You can send me a picture of the person to be placed near the candle if you want. The more personal you can make the candle request the better.

I will email you when the candle is lit and when it goes out. I will also keep you informed of its progress and how it burns. When the candle is consumed I dispose of it and the request paper in a proper manner.
(Fee is non-refundable.)

Services  >  Ritual Candle Burning

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